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* Jerry's performance schedule on News page.

* "Texas Music Legend" - Video of Jerry being honored as a "Texas Music Legend" on "The Texas Music Scene with Ray Benson" - a 30-minute television series that is now "On the Air" IN NASHVILLE, WEEKNIGHTS, on Comcast Channel 230 (WSMVD), as well as weekly on a dozen Texas stations plus Colorado Springs, CO. Benson is founder and front man of the Western Swing band Asleep At The Wheel.
Jerry's segment, in Season 3, Episode 23, had its first run on November 11, 2012. It features "Tripod The Three Legged Dog" and "Wherever In Texas."

* "Wherever In Texas" - Music Video of Jerry's recording of this toe-tapping Western Swing song, co-written with fellow-Texan Connie Mims.

* "Tripod The Three Legged Dog" - Music Video of Jerry's original 1966 recording. This song led Jerry to more than 40 performances on the Grand Ole Opry.

* "I Hate To Lose You Darlin'" - Live on the Louisiana Hayride, September 13, 1952. * Listen to the announcement and theme song after Jerry's performance.

* Jerry's YouTube Channel - Contains the videos listed above, a Preview of "The Texas Music Scene with Ray Benson" TV Show for 11/11/2012 - Season 3 Episode 23, and several more videos of Jerry's records & songs.

* ReverbNation - Selections from Jerry's CD album, "Now and Then - Volume I" - a collection of New and Old recordings from 2011 back to 1952 - are now available for streaming.

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